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‘Eid Celebrations and Huge Sale Unveiled in the UAE’

by Dubaiforum

Amazon has launched its Eid campaign in the UAE following a successful campaign during Ramadan. The eCommerce platform has decided to continue spreading happiness with a big sale for the festive season.

The campaign visuals may not offer anything new as they are identical to the Ramadan campaign. This repetition, seen in OOH locations in Egypt and the UAE, could lead to a sense of boredom and familiarity with the brand and its OOH ads.

Amazon utilized various mediums for this campaign, including digital screens, hoardings, lampposts, megacoms, and unipoles. This widespread coverage in Dubai and Sharjah ensures maximum visibility for the campaign.

Interestingly, according to Investopedia, if you had invested ,000 in Amazon during its IPO in 1997, it would have been worth over .1 million by September 4th, 2018!

For more information on Amazon’s campaigns in the UAE and Egypt, you can visit INSITEopedia.

Overall, Amazon’s Eid campaign in the UAE aims to continue the success of its Ramadan campaign and bring joy to customers during the festive season.

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