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“Emirates Education” provides flexibility for school administrations to indicate the date of leave for teachers and administrators

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The Emirates Foundation for School Education has given public school leaders the flexibility to make the decision to submit the date of the end of the current academic year’s leave for administrative and pedagogical cadres, which can start from the eighth of July instead of the 15th of July, according to the previous decision regarding the date of the end of the school year.

In order to endorse the powers of flexibility given to school administrations with regard to leave, the institution has provided that the tasks required of each school and kindergarten administration must be completed ahead of time, ensure the continuity of all administrative and operational work and trial work, and set aside a three-person committee chaired by the school principal so that they are contacted in the event of problems with Monitoring and approval after the Eid holiday until 15 July 2022.

According to the school leaders, during the period 20 to 24 June, the foundation has set several priorities for the work and completion of the required tasks, represented by monitoring and approving grades for all episodes and steps so as not to encounter delays when the results are published. over preparing the halls for compensatory testing for the targeted students at each school. And the continuation of receiving the students’ units until after the end of the compensatory test period, according to the previously sent instructions.

The Foundation stressed the importance of communicating with parents of students in case students move to another school to inform them about this and know their children’s schools, and to communicate with the bus station coordinators at each school to confirm the school’s specific areas . and buses, as well as counting increases and vacancies from the teaching staff and submitting the names to the administration Scope, inventory transfer requests from the teaching staff, uploading names for domain management as well as preparing and arranging genetic testing halls by a competent team.

The foundation has also set several priorities from June 27 to July 1 next year, including informing students who have retested, working on returning students’ units to complete re-examinations, preparing school schedules for the next academic year, and coordinating transportation. , in addition to forming an internal committee in the school To ensure that the school is ready to receive students for the next academic year, as well as to form an internal committee to organize the receipt of student books for (book use) project within the specified centers, and there will later be issued a circular on the details of the work.

The foundation stressed the importance of forming a team to respond to parents’ inquiries about grades, receive all cases about school students, ensure that students’ data in Al-Manhal is updated and diversified, analyze students’ results for the third semester and assess children’s skills in Riyadh.
As for the week’s priorities from the fourth of next July to the eighth of the same month, the Emirates Foundation for School Education confirmed in its circular issued to the schools, which should send the school forms to the departmental administration after reviewing them with the domain administrators, performing re-tests and verifying any pending cases and informs the Examination Committee of them. And the completion of the reception of the twelfth student’s units and the transfer of them to the technical support team

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