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Emirates News Agency – Collaboration between the Institute of Technology Innovation and “GreenWave” to promote the development of the sixth generation of communication

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ABU DHABI, 6 October / WAM / The Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Sciences within the Institute of Technology Innovation, the world’s leading scientific research center and the applied research arm of the Advanced Technology Research Council in Abu Dhabi, carried out in collaboration with GreenWave, a startup specialized in deep technology in antennas. , the first experience of smart, multi-reflective and all-encompassing surfaces for sixth generation communication with a frequency of 27 GHz.

The experiment uses multiple units of optimized image-distributed smart reflective surfaces to ensure smooth HD video playback via a mobile receiver.

The experiment is the first initiative of its kind to take advantage of devices of smart multi-reflective surfaces and will contribute to creating a dynamic environment for the popularization of new generation networks, since the smart reflective surface is one of the most important options for the sixth generation . While experiments have previously been conducted that demonstrated the abilities of smart reflective surfaces to improve the performance of communications. This is the first experiment using multiple uncoordinated units of smart reflective surfaces, making it an important and historic event.

The experience is in line with the goal of enhancing the advanced technology scene in the country and upgrading the presence of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole as a serious leader in 6G technology in the region.

As a leader in innovative communication technology to provide advanced solutions in post-5G networks, among other areas, Greener Wave Technology designed the smart reflective surface with prefabricated components that allow full control of the electromagnetic wave that affects and reflects it in the right direction. direction.

Designed for different sectors, service providers and individual users, the solution allows for improved connectivity over 5G networks, especially in areas with poor transmissions.

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Sciences Research Center brings together leading scientists and researchers in communications and networking to develop algorithms and foundational technology that improve communication interconnectivity by exploiting the properties of digitally controlled surfaces. The center actively participates in various consortia to transform the new model of smart wireless environments into reality.

Commenting on the experiment, Professor Marwan Dibah, senior researcher at the Institute’s Artificial Intelligence and Digital Sciences Research Center, said: “Our aim is to achieve a society supported by 6G technology, and it will become a tangible reality that will contribute to unification of human experiences across all platforms, physical. We look forward to working with Greener Wave on this experience to demonstrate key concepts and key technology to achieve our shared 6G vision.”

“Our goal is to demonstrate that our core technology is far ahead of mainstream modern solutions that can be adapted to different environments and are easy to scale,” said Geoffroy LeRosi, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Greener Wave. “Our experience with the institute forms the initial basis for a long and strategic partnership with a leading institute in the Majlis region of the Gulf Cooperation.

The smart reflective surface experience will support the Institute’s credibility as a key driver of future 6G networks in the region, in addition to nurturing international collaboration to enhance the advanced technology system in the UAE.

Dina Omar / Ahmed Al Nuaimi


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