Home News Emirates News Agency – Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi participates in the special screening of the first documentary produced by “The Big Heart”, entitled “The Story of the Neighborhood”

Emirates News Agency – Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi participates in the special screening of the first documentary produced by “The Big Heart”, entitled “The Story of the Neighborhood”

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Sharjah, June 29 / WAM / His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Vice-Ruler of Sharjah and Humanitarian Envoy of the Big Heart Foundation, confirmed that the efforts of the Big Heart Foundation with the support and guidance of His Highness the ruler of Sharjah’s wife , Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, President of the Al Kabeer Heart Foundation, a prominent advocate for refugee children at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, is leading a qualitative shift in the culture of humanitarian work, indicating that the Foundation is proactive in consolidating principles for sustainable projects and enable refugees to work and produce in their host communities.

This happened while His Highness this morning participated in the special screening of the first documentary produced by the “Big Heart” Foundation, entitled “The Story of the Neighborhood.” Both host communities and refugee conditions, and how to overcome them with knowledge and learning.

And His Highness, The Humanitarian Envoy of the Big Heart, suggested that the Foundation has moved the concept of humanitarian work to a new, more influential and important level through its focus on providing solutions to the social and cultural challenges that come with asylum and highlighting refugees. natural rights to develop talent and thinking and contribute to artistic and literary creations and social activities leisure, along with the fundamental rights to food, housing, education and health.

His Highness explained that the purpose of the education and information campaigns led by the big heart is to change the prevailing view of the status and role of refugees, and succeeded in creating a positive image of them. They do not offer anything and they are in need of those who always give them. Rather, they are success stories and stories of will and energies for building and developing.

His Highness, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, praised the way the film tackled the challenges and its focus on self-motivation for learning, knowledge and thought development, with the words of a refugee who had his own special experience of asylum, which helped convey the film’s message , including her feelings lightly, and call for more investment in scientific progress, especially in communication and communication techniques, to serve the most pressing issues that constitute a humanitarian priority, such as the issues of refugees, displaced persons, the poor and victims of conflicts and crises. .

The film, which will soon be shown to all audiences, addresses the challenges of early marriage for girls, the decline in education and the impact of this situation on the future of refugee families and needy communities as it focused on that fact. that changing the asylum reality and crossing it towards refugee partnership in work, creativity and production is closely linked to education, knowledge and development for everyone in general and for girls in particular.

The film addresses the refugees through the words of her heroine, “Asmaa”, who tells the story of her asylum from Syria to the Zaatari camp in Jordan. After arriving at the camp, she begins to search for ways to serve the refugees, only to find that the best way to do so is to establish a community framework to which refugee girls belong, to encourage them to read and continue with studying.

Through her own novel, Asmaa presents an inspiring model for other girls and women, as the film shows her interest in educating and educating girls by visiting parents at home and persuading them to enroll their daughters in education and community education projects despite her preoccupation with her duties to her children, her home and her husband.

The screening of the film was attended by a number of leaders and officials from government departments and agencies in the Emirate of Sharjah and a group of film directors and representatives of the local media.

Wam / Emad Al Ali


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