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Enhanced Latency from ZEGOCLOUD Improves Live Streaming and Boosts Platform Revenue – UAE Beacon

by Dubaiforum

ZEGOCLOUD, a prominent global cloud communication service provider, has achieved significant milestones in enhancing live streaming and real-time video interactions with ultra-low latency experiences. Through dedicated research and expertise in real-time communication (RTC), ZEGOCLOUD has attained a remarkable 90% success rate in delivering millisecond-level experiences globally, resulting in an outstanding Time to First Frame (TTFF) of 79 milliseconds on average for live video calling and streaming platforms. This achievement aids platforms in mitigating revenue losses linked to latency issues.

The optimization of TTFF by ZEGOCLOUD plays a critical role in shaping positive first impressions, as the speed and fluidity of video loading and real-time engagement are crucial for ensuring user satisfaction and retention on live streaming applications. According to Kuk Jiang, co-founder of ZEGOCLOUD, research indicates that viewers begin dropping off after two seconds of delay during live streaming, with a 6% audience loss for each additional second.

ZEGOCLOUD’s industry-leading TTFF optimization has enabled businesses to strengthen user connections, reduce churn rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth. With a success rate exceeding 95% for TTFF within 2 seconds in key regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, ZEGOCLOUD’s solutions are well-positioned to assist platforms in attracting and retaining users, leading to substantial revenue increases across various industries.

Designed for industries ranging from social entertainment to interactive live commerce, ZEGOCLOUD offers a comprehensive suite of real-time video engagement features, including animated virtual gifts, in-app mini games, chat functionality, content moderation, beauty filters, cloud recording, and more. By integrating ZEGOCLOUD, businesses can focus on their core activities and provide high-quality live video content to global audiences, simplifying the user experience and reducing costs associated with multiple third-party service integrations, as noted by Kuk.

ZEGOCLOUD’s specialized SDKs address common challenges such as network complexity across regions and diverse device compatibility. Advanced capabilities like CDN live streaming, L3 acceleration, and customizable regional service settings offer robust and flexible solutions for various business scenarios.


ZEGOCLOUD revolutionizes virtual engagement with real-time interaction services for seamless cloud communication, facilitating connections among enterprises, teams, customers, and users. It enables businesses and developers to incorporate real-time interaction into their applications across the mobile internet and metaverse.

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