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EPA continues efforts to revolutionise bibliographic data in UAE’s publishing sector

by Dubaiforum

SHARJAH, 22nd August, 2023 (WAM) — The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) is revealing the progress update of its partnership with Nielsen BookData, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic data and retail sales monitoring for print books, that seeks to digitise title listings and boost the growth of the UAE’s publishing industry.

This collaboration opens new avenues for the EPA and its members to expand their businesses, forge strategic partnerships, and delve into new possibilities for selling, purchasing, and translating copyrights.

To date, Nielsen BookData has contacted 134 Emirati publishers, received the data file from around 56 publishers, held 65 Key Publisher meetings, and grew the number of titles with THEMA classification to 9,277.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Nielsen BookData, which allows us to strengthen our position in the international publishing landscape,” said Rashid Alkous, Executive Director of the EPA. “This collaboration empowers us to utilise normalised bibliographic data, enhancing the effectiveness of our database . We are deeply grateful for the visionary leadership and tireless efforts of Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi in establishing and nurturing the growth of Emirati publishing and wholeheartedly acknowledge the profound impact her efforts have had on the growth and development of our industry.”

The EPA embarked on this pioneering partnership in November 2022. As part of this collaboration, Nielsen BookData is extending its expertise to publishers based in the United Arab Emirates, with EPA members receiving priority support. The study aims to enhance bibliographic data accuracy and adherence to international standards, ensuring greater global discoverability and increased sales opportunities for Emirati publishers.

One of the significant advantages of this partnership is the EPA’s access to normalised bibliographic data, which will ease the development of its database used to promote the work of local publishing companies at international book fairs.

Books metadata plays a crucial role in various aspects of the publishing and book industry. Developing a metadata study specifically for UAE can bring several advantages to the local book industry, enhancing discoverability, reach, and sales of books in the country. A well-executed metadata study focused on the UAE can provide valuable insights to publishers, enabling them to optimise book content and marketing strategies for the local market. This will lead to increased discoverability, broader reach, and improved sales of Emirati books both in the UAE and internationally.

Additionally, the development of metadata for Emirati books offers another added value: book metadata serves as a powerful tool that aids publishers in selling movie rights for book adaptations. It enhances discoverability, facilitates rights management, and supports targeted marketing efforts, making it easier for filmmakers to find compelling stories and negotiate adaptations that benefit both the book’s author and the film industry.

Overall, accurate and detailed metadata is essential for the effective functioning of the book industry, benefiting authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, and readers alike. Moreover, when tailored to the UAE market, metadata can boost the success of Emirati books within the country and internationally, while also opening doors for potential movie adaptations that further expand the book’s reach and impact.

In addition to cataloguing and marketing support, the EPA and Nielsen BookData will jointly organise a series of workshop for Emirati publishers to introduce publishers to the best international practices in the publishing sector. EPA is eager to enrich Arab culture regionally through this initiative and extend its leadership in preserving copyrights and supporting Emirati writers and publishers.


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