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‘Exclusive News and Information on the 2024 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 55’

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Bugatti Sur Mesure Captures the Spirit of Jean Bugatti’s Type 55

The legacy of Jean Bugatti, a visionary designer and engineer, continues to inspire the automotive world with his pioneering creations. One of his most iconic designs, the Type 55 Super Sport, showcases his unique blend of engineering prowess and unmatched aesthetic proportions.

The Type 55 Super Sport featured a 2.3-liter straight-eight engine derived from the formidable Type 51 racer, combined with a two-seater roadster body designed by Jean Bugatti. This groundbreaking design not only laid the foundation for a new category of vehicles but also set the blueprint for modern-day Super Sport models, redefining grand touring with a top speed of 180 km/h.

Bugatti’s duotone paint scheme, introduced by Jean Bugatti, continues to inspire the brand’s contemporary A/B color split. Today, the most revered Type 55 model sports a timeless combination of black and yellow.

With only 38 units ever crafted, the Type 55 Super Sport remains a rare gem and a coveted collectors’ piece. The ’55 1 of 1′ commission, inspired by this iconic model, pays tribute to Jean Bugatti’s groundbreaking creations and his ability to blend elegance with engineering prowess.

The Sur Mesure team worked closely with a customer and Bugatti partner in Dubai to infuse the aura of the Type 55 Super Sport into the design of the contemporary Chiron Super Sport. The result is a modern interpretation of the original car’s distinctive elements that respects Jean Bugatti’s early work while embodying the DNA of a Bugatti Sur Mesure project.

The commission features the famous duotone paint scheme of black and yellow, emphasizing dynamism and visually breaking up the hyper sports car’s surfaces. The careful design process balances specific coloring areas with overall cohesion, creating a modern car that pays homage to its historic predecessor.

In addition to its bold styling, the ’55 1 of 1′ commission features a minimalist design with black 10-spoke wheels and subtle yellow accents. The interior of the vehicle reflects the same attention to detail, with sleek black leather, unique embroidered headrests, and hand-stitched ’55’ motifs in vibrant yellow.

Bugatti’s dedication to bespoke craftsmanship is exemplified in the Sur Mesure program, which creatively blends the past with a contemporary approach. The ’55 1 of 1′ commission is a testament to Jean Bugatti’s lasting legacy and his ability to inspire design and engineering ethos to this day.

Bugatti Automobiles expresses gratitude to the Musée National de l’Automobile in Mulhouse for the loan of the original Bugatti Type 55 chassis, which was photographed alongside the Chiron Super Sport ’55 1 of 1′ on Bugatti premises. The museum’s collection showcases over 600 revolutionary automotive creations, including more than 100 Bugatti models, highlighting the brand’s historic significance and breathtaking proportions.

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