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“Exhibition of Artwork by Arab Artists at Jordan’s EU Delegation”

by Dubaiforum

The Arab world is showcasing its rich culture and artistic talent in an initiative that aims to highlight the sensitivity and creativity of its people. Art is a universal language, and Arab artists excel at expressing their emotions and depicting their surroundings with imagination and skill.

While traditional centers of artistic creation like Egypt, Syria, and Iraq may have faded from the spotlight, the influence of Arab art has spread rapidly, partly due to events in these countries and advancements in communication technology. Currently, the Arabian Peninsula has emerged as a thriving hub for the arts, with significant cultural events such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening in 2017, biennales in Sharjah and Saudi Arabia, and Dubai Art Week.

However, other countries in the region, including Jordan, are also making strides in establishing galleries and museums that support and promote local artists. The international art scene is showing increased interest in Middle Eastern art, with works by modern and contemporary Arab artists fetching millions of dollars at auctions.

Renowned artists from the region are gaining global recognition, breaking records with their artwork. The talents of Arab artists from diverse regions like Maghreb to Mashreq are on display, showcasing the unique and vibrant artistic expressions nurtured in these areas. Art enthusiasts are encouraged to explore and appreciate the beauty and creativity of Arab art.

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