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External medical services and “Tawam” recover the hearing of a newborn baby

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The doctors of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” were recently able, through the joint efforts of the external treatment services and Tawam Hospital, to help the girl, Eshal, who was born on January 3rd, to restore her hearing. Eshal underwent a routine examination which revealed her infection and the parents were advised to undertake further audiology diagnoses to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and consider possible treatment options.
Tahira Kalomorical, audiologist at the Oud Al-Tawbah Center for Diagnostic and Comprehensive Outpatient Services, said: “Through our integrated approach to medical referral, we were able to help child Eshel recover his hearing and we are proud to be part of a healthcare network; We provide world-class services in all our facilities by developing personalized diagnostic and treatment plans for each patient according to their health condition. In the case of baby Eshal, we referred her to Tawam Hospital for the required hearing test before completed treatment to manage hearing loss.”
The audiology team at Tawam Hospital identified hearing loss in both ears and recommended that hearing aids be fitted as soon as possible to avoid any delay in the development of speech and language.
The baby’s father, Eshal, said: “My sister, Eshel’s aunt, was born with a case of double sensorineural hearing loss. Therefore, we were aware of the potential consequences if we did not install hearing aids for her as soon as possible. When the patient suffers from deafness , this does not nullify his skills and abilities but we wanted our child to live a normal life.We are very grateful to the audiologist and doctors at Outpatient Services and Tawam Hospital for helping our baby regain his ability to hear and recreate this feeling that we now realize how important I heard my voice for the first time thanks to the efforts of experts here, so I am forever indebted to them.”


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