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Furjan Dubai revives community cohesion

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The promotion of social communication and interdependence between people and the return of the previously known principle of “Al Freej” constituted an obsession for her to preserve the authentic Emirati heritage and strengthen the national identity and to reflect the role of Emirati women in societal cohesion and the preservation of cultural heritage, which led her to launch the “Furjan Dubai” initiative.

Alia Al-Shamlan, the founder of the “Furjan Dubai” initiative, says that the word Ferjan in the Arabic language is a plural of the word Freej, which means neighborhood, and the residents of the Dubai neighborhoods were like one family in the past, which every neighbor takes care of each other and children grow up together as one big family and she was keen to launch this initiative to revive and strengthen these values ​​among the members of the Dubai community through a virtual platform to improve the communication of neighbors together .


Alia adds: My goal was to restore communication between neighbors, as previously within Al-Furjan, search for talents in different fields, highlight them, encourage home entrepreneurs and spread awareness about the local community. “Al Barsha South” got a great interaction, which made me expand in this aspect and launched the initiative “Furjan Dubai”, which is a platform on “Instagram”, after which 9 more accounts were created on “Instagram” within the initiative , covering more than 20 residential areas in the Emirate of Dubai and today The number of followers of the initiative on all its accounts is more than 80,000 followers and we have a volunteer team in the initiative that includes 190 members, including 26 account supervisors on “Instagram” .

She points out that the platforms or accounts include success stories of different personalities in Al Furjan, such as: the imam of the mosque, the tailor, the athlete and the owner of the grocery store, and there are citizens who have positively affected their community and there is interaction.

communication bridge

She adds: The initiative is a bridge for communication between people and governmental and semi-governmental bodies, and we have signed cooperation agreements with 5 entities: Dubai Police, Community Development Authority of Dubai, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, Trustee Service and Union Society, with the aim of disseminating their initiatives and implementing joint awareness campaigns and programmes, including holding lectures and organizing workshops across Al Furjan platforms.



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