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Gated Communities Dominate Harare

by Dubaiforum

Gated communities are becoming a prevalent lifestyle choice in Harare, with developments like Spitzkop leading the way. These communities offer security and exclusivity, attracting a growing population seeking a modern and safe living environment.

Located 20 kilometers west of Harare’s central business district, Spitzkop is taking shape as a tranquil sanctuary. Skilled workers meticulously craft the foundations of this gated community, where attention to detail is key. From the construction of smooth roads to the installation of a modern entrance gate, every aspect of Spitzkop is designed for comfort and convenience.

Kuziva Zimunya, CEO of Highrange Property Developers, emphasizes that Spitzkop is not just about building houses but creating a lifestyle. The community will offer a range of homes to suit different lifestyles, all within a secure and well-planned environment.

The trend of gated communities extends beyond Spitzkop, with developments like Pokugara Estate, Arlington, and Aspindale Park also gaining popularity. Companies like Westprop are leading the way in creating smart cities that integrate modern amenities like indoor sports facilities, shopping malls, and green energy solutions.

According to urban planners and built environment specialists, the rise of gated communities in Harare reflects a shift towards safer and more peaceful living environments. These communities provide residents with a sense of security, togetherness, and high-quality living spaces that cater to a growing demand for sophisticated and secure lifestyles.

As Harare evolves, gated communities are offering a complete lifestyle package for professionals and families seeking a retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. With a focus on security, modern amenities, and a sense of community, these developments are reshaping the residential landscape in Harare.

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