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Gaultier launches new products in Dubai

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Gauthier, the French luxury furniture brand, has announced the launch in Dubai of its Domino Collection, an elegant collection of French-inspired furniture and home décor. This groundbreaking brand offers luxury pieces made from sustainable materials that are durable and quality, designed in a variety of styles, making them customizable to any home.

Gauthier is the name synonymous with lasting luxury, offering unsurpassed furniture and decor that adds more vitality, luxury and elegance to any home. All parts are carefully and exclusively designed for this brand and manufactured at its three factories in the French region of Fendi.

Gautier embodies the character of French life and offers a complete range of solutions to suit any home in Dubai, including living rooms and bedrooms for children, sofas with different seats, table sets, smart storage solutions and indoor and outdoor furniture. The furniture catalog contains carefully designed pieces for children’s rooms that they can enjoy and grow with. This French brand offers everything you need for home furniture, such as beds, sofas, shelves and suitable solutions for dining rooms, in addition to furnishings that add elegance and luxury to any room, in a modern style and chic details, and provide its customers with the ability to customize furniture to their liking so they get the perfect pieces to suit their home and their own tastes.

Since its inception, sustainability has been at the heart of everything this brand offers, as all furniture is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum utilization of them for the longest possible period, while reducing the waste from their manufacture. The wood used for the furniture comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests located 300 km from its factories, and each piece of furniture is manufactured in an exemplary manner that ensures its quality, sustainability, functionality and suitability for any home. In this sense, Gauthier offers a warranty on its products for a period of 10 years, to ensure that customers enjoy durable, luxurious and environmentally friendly furniture that lasts for a long time.

The brand has a 60-year heritage, continued since 1960, and has established itself as a globally reliable company with more than 100 stores around the world for its unique products. Gauthier also offers a free design service to its customers who want to fully furnish their home.



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