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Get started on that Self-Growth Journey

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Female Embodiment Coaching is a sense-based style of coaching which lets the body lead. The coach motivates and enables you to dive deep into the wisdom of your body, clearing deep-seated tensions and allowing for pleasure, enabling us to move towards our goals, fully equipped. Lana Nahawi does just that! We hear it in her words.

Lana Nahawi, who is a female embodiment coach and teacher is an old school Dubai mama, who provides tools and practices for women to feel empowered and fulfilled. Having to enrich the lives of many women around her, Lana aims to touch the modern society with ideas of self-connection and self-discovery. Her philosophy is for women to gain embodiment through everyday practices and creating a seamless journey of self-care without feeling obligated.

What do you do? How did it begin?

I have an INSATIABLE desire to ‘connect’ deeply with people,
nature, beauty and what makes me feel most alive! And it is precisely this
hunger that forms the core of my work today.

It was exactly a decade ago, when I mulled around in a
‘disconnected’ fashion, and enacted the exact opposite state of what fuels and
drives me now. I was already a mother of two magical boys, and had felt the
urgency to model strength, worth, resilience, vibrancy, joy, confidence and a
host of characteristics that I was unsure of how to obtain. The reality was
that I had no real sense of self or how I wanted to exist in the world. I was
mostly confused, sad, lost and far away from the long list of qualities that I
yearned to inhabit.

With no roadmap to follow, I felt stuck in patterns that
reproduced themselves perpetually, until life had its way with me and I had no
choice but to actively wrestle with the process of change.

Honestly, there is absolutely no formula, and our ‘being‘ is unfolding amidst unknowns until the very end. So how do we merge with this dance of unknowns in a manner that is rich, connected, and ultimately filled with depth and poetry of a life well lived?

The Journey:

This question is what led me on a seeker’s quest across
various paths of study, immersions, therapies and wild experiences. I had
perceived these paths to be the keepers of my Truths, also as a compass towards
my kin and sense of belonging. 

As it turns out they did not hold my Truths, but were instead modalities that helped me acknowledge that the selfhood and wisdom I was seeking, was beckoning me home back to myself.

The Program:

The program that I currently run is formed by the
intersection of Psychology, Coaching methodology, Embodiment theory, practice,
and design. It corresponds to the modalities and paths that I spent years
navigating, and is a distilled version that supports my clients journey back to themselves, so that
they may find their Truths, reason for being, and sense of belonging.

The aim is to depart from conventional ways of hustling,
reasoning, intellectualizing and further conditioned ways of disempowerment.
The aim is not to follow one way, but rather uncover and reveal what works
within a given context for each specific woman. It is a practical workshop and
container that enables my client’s to empower themselves on a deep and
sustainable level, to discover what makes them come alive, and to practice in a
safe space that is our partnership.

I currently work with women on a private 1-1 basis, and also
host occasional group circles and workshops. It is my dream to collaborate
further with those who yearn for a community of women supporting women, to
remember their essence, to lean on one another, to practice being real. I’ve
been hired for private group circles of late, and witnessing connections form,
or deepen, among a community of women has touched my client’s and myself.

In essence, I’m here to support our return to The love… love
for ourselves and of the collective!

Lana’s journey for female embodiment is here to challenge many personal and social obstacles in a positive and liberating manner.  https://www.lananahawi.com/. Her work can leave a positive impact on female audience for their physical and emotional well-being. It will resonate with many women who wish to overcome their daily challenges to achieve so much more.


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