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Half of consumers are able to identify AI-generated content

by Dubaiforum

A recent study conducted by a digital asset management firm has revealed insights into how consumers engage with AI-generated content compared to human-created content in 2024.

The study found that as the use of AI becomes more prevalent, consumers are becoming more aware of the distinctive signs of content created by artificial intelligence rather than humans. To test this, Bynder conducted a survey with 2,000 participants from the UK and US, presenting them with two articles on how to clean a car, one written by ChatGPT (AI) and the other by a trained copywriter.

The results showed that 50% of consumers were able to accurately identify content that was generated by AI. Millennials, particularly those aged 25-34, were the most successful at identifying non-human content, which aligns with the age group most likely to use AI for content creation.

US consumers outperformed their UK counterparts in spotting AI-generated content, with American participants being 10% more likely to identify AI-generated text. This disparity can be attributed to a higher awareness of AI tools like ChatGPT among US adults compared to UK citizens.

Interestingly, more than half of the participants expressed a preference for the AI-generated content over the human-written article. However, when asked about their general attitudes towards AI-generated content, 52% of consumers stated they would become less engaged.

Participants in the 16-24 age group were the only ones who found the human-created content more engaging than the AI-generated version. The study also found that consumers perceive brands using AI for content creation as impersonal and sometimes lazy.

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder, emphasized the importance of maintaining a human touch in marketing campaigns, even as AI tools become more prevalent. Bynder offers a range of AI tools, including Content Workflow, that aim to support marketers while ensuring a balance between efficiency and personalized content.

In conclusion, as AI continues to advance in content creation, it is crucial for marketers to prioritize responsible AI practices and maintain a human element in their campaigns. By combining AI efficiencies with human creativity, brands can create engaging and impactful content experiences for their audiences.

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