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‘Helen Smith Shares Her Travel Routine’

by Dubaiforum

Helen Smith, co-CEO of the Dorchester Collection, has been jet-setting between the brand’s luxury hotels over the past year. With expertise gained from almost two decades at the company, Smith is now overseeing the opening of the collection’s 10th hotel, Lana, in Dubai.

In a recent interview, Smith shared her top tips for a luxurious travel experience:

– Favorite airline: British Airways, a loyal choice for over 25 years.
– Airport attire: Smart clothing, with a plan to change onboard.
– Arrival time at the airport: Two hours before boarding.
– Bag preference: Carry-on only.
– Carry-on essentials: Items for three working days at any hotel.
– Airport security: T.S.A. PreCheck for convenience.
– Preferred airport: Heathrow, particularly Terminal 5 and the Concorde Lounge.
– Pre-flight activities: Lounge relaxation, people-watching, and coffee.
– Must-have travel item: iPhones for connectivity.
– In-flight routines: Reading, working, and sleeping.
– Plane snack of choice: A fresh apple.
– Food preferences: Avoids carbohydrates and enjoys tuna tartare.
– Hydration: Water is a constant beverage choice.
– Conversation with seatmates: Limited, unless necessary.
– Comfort: Shoes off during the flight.
– Coping with turbulence: Wishes for an in-flight drink.
– Flight pet peeve: Waiting to disembark.
– Post-flight ritual: Messaging loved ones upon landing.
– Travel tip: Pack only what you will wear.

Smith’s insights provide a glimpse into the refined travel habits of a seasoned industry professional. As the Dorchester Collection continues to expand its global presence, Smith’s experience and knowledge will undoubtedly shape the future of luxury hospitality.

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