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Heroes Behind the Scenes: School Support Staff Restore Order After Storm

by Dubaiforum

Schools across the UAE are facing significant challenges in the aftermath of recent storms that have caused damage to school facilities. While families focus on repairing their homes and supporting remote learning for their children, schools are also working tirelessly to clean up and get ready for the reopening.

The unsung heroes in this situation are the hardworking support staff of schools, who are responsible for ensuring safety, hygiene, and facility repairs. These individuals work tirelessly to minimize disruptions to the education of children in the country. Mr Dino Varkey, Group Chief Executive Officer of GEMS Education, emphasized the exemplary service, selfless dedication, and commitment of the support staff in preparing schools for the safe return of students and teachers.

Schools like Bloom World Academy, Brighton College Dubai, and Clarion School have also faced challenges due to heavy rainfall, but their support staff have been working diligently to restore the learning spaces. Principals and headmasters have expressed their appreciation for the resilience and dedication shown by these unsung heroes.

Even nursery support staff are putting in the effort to ensure facilities are clean and safe for children to return. Odyssey Nursery shared images of their team’s hard work in cleaning up outdoor spaces. The dedication and resilience of these support staff demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and nurturing environments for children.

Overall, the support staff at schools across the UAE are the unsung heroes who play a crucial role in getting schools back in order after the storm. Their dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed, and they deserve recognition for their efforts in ensuring the smooth reopening of schools despite the challenges faced.

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