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Hong Kong’s AEON Makes Switch to Vietnamese Bananas

by Dubaiforum

AEON Hong Kong Makes the Switch to Vietnamese Bananas

In a strategic move, Japanese retailer AEON has opted to replace its Philippine and Taiwanese banana suppliers with Vietnamese imports at its outlets in Hong Kong. The decision was influenced by the superior quality and environmentally friendly cultivation process of Vietnamese bananas, as highlighted by Yuichiro Shiotani, CEO of AEON Topvalu Vietnam, during a recent forum.

Shiotani emphasized that the cultivation process of Vietnamese bananas aligns with AEON’s sustainability criteria, making them the preferred choice for the retailer. In addition to quality, factors such as environmental sustainability and efficient delivery have become top priorities for retailers in today’s market.

Looking ahead, AEON plans to double its procurement of Vietnamese bananas this year and also transition exclusively to Vietnamese mangoes, replacing Thai and Philippine varieties. This shift reflects a broader trend in the retail industry towards sourcing products that meet green production standards.

Mirash Basheer, CEO of May Exports Vietnam, a division of LuLu Group International, echoed the sentiment of increasing demand for Vietnamese goods that adhere to sustainability practices. May Exports Vietnam intends to expand its purchases of Vietnamese products, including cashews, canned fruit juice, coconut juice, and canned tuna.

Meanwhile, U.S. retail giant Walmart expressed interest in sourcing from more Vietnamese suppliers, particularly those that meet sustainability criteria. With Walmart emphasizing the importance of green products, Vietnamese businesses are encouraged to explore opportunities to meet the requirements of major U.S. distributors like Walmart, Costco, and Amazon.

As the demand for sustainable products continues to grow globally, Vietnamese businesses have a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the trend by aligning with the green practices sought by prominent retailers in key markets like Hong Kong and the United States.

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