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Honoring First Defence Line Heroes in Dubai with Special Medals

by Dubaiforum

The Dubai Sports Council has recently recognized the exceptional efforts of individuals from various public and private institutions by issuing a special commemorative medal. This medal was given to frontline workers from organizations such as the Police, Emergency Services, Road and Transport Authority, Municipality, Civil Defence, Health, Ambulance Services, Airport authorities, and others who worked tirelessly to ensure community safety during recent adverse weather conditions.

These individuals have shown incredible dedication and resilience in the face of extreme pressure, embodying the unity of purpose that Dubai is known for. In order to honor these first defense line heroes, the Council plans to present medals at upcoming sports events, where they will have the opportunity to participate in awarding the winners and participants.

This initiative is part of the Council’s ongoing efforts to recognize and appreciate the contributions of frontline workers. It follows previous initiatives such as issuing special medals during the Covid-19 pandemic. By acknowledging the hard work and dedication of these individuals, the Dubai Sports Council aims to show its gratitude and support for those who go above and beyond to keep the community safe.

Whether facing a pandemic or adverse weather conditions, the frontline workers in Dubai continue to serve with unwavering commitment and dedication. The Council’s gesture of presenting commemorative medals serves as a token of appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the community.

Overall, this initiative highlights the Council’s commitment to recognizing and honoring the efforts of frontline workers, showcasing the spirit of unity and resilience that defines Dubai.

(Photo source: Dubai Sports Council)

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