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How do we strengthen the immune system? The newspaper Al-Ittihad

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Maintaining the body’s natural defenses is crucial to preventing disease and boosting the immune system, and over the past few years, interest in physical and mental health has increased exponentially. The American Science Times website for scientific research offers some ways to strengthen the immune system:
Exercise: stimulates the immune system, helps it expel bacteria through the airways and promotes mental health by improving self-confidence and secreting endorphins. It is important to exercise two and a half hours a week with moderate physical activity.
Regular sleep: It helps strengthen the naturally acquired immunity. Conversely, sleep disorders degrade the immune system and make our defenses vulnerable to diseases that affect mental health.
Change: This is the biggest aspect that can be difficult for many to do, but it makes a big difference in health, such as reducing the consumption of caffeinated beverages, quitting smoking and staying away from meals that contain a large proportion Cool.
Diet: It is essential for good health, as healthy types of food can help strengthen the body’s defenses. There are whole foods that are specifically designed to strengthen the immune system, such as garlic, ginger, broccoli, citrus fruits and spinach.


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