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‘Iftar tents host hundreds of faithful on first day of Ramadan’

by Dubaiforum

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERC) has kicked off Ramadan by successfully serving and distributing Iftar meals in various locations across Abu Dhabi. The turnout on the first day of Ramadan was a testament to the effectiveness of the ERC’s efforts in providing much-needed assistance to those in need.

With the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, Ramadan tents are popping up all over the country. Organizers of these Iftar tents ensure that meals are available well before the call to Maghreb prayer. These tents can be found in squares across the country, especially in front of mosques and labor housing areas, easily identifiable by their signs and large size. The main goal is to offer merciful assistance to those who require it.

Charitable and humanitarian organizations throughout the UAE have also set up Iftar tents to provide meals throughout Ramadan. On the first day of Ramadan, these tents saw a significant turnout, with fasting individuals eagerly lining up well before the call to prayer for their Iftar meals.

Fasting individuals flocked to the designated distribution sites, including those set up by charitable organizations and the Red Crescent Authority, to collect their meals. The ERC has announced that donors can contribute to providing ‘Ramadan Mir’ for families, with donations ranging from Dhs10 to Dhs500 depending on the family size. Additionally, donations are accepted for setting up Iftar tents across the country, with a tent in Abu Dhabi costing Dhs75,000 and Dhs57,000 in other emirates. Donors can also confidently contribute as little as Dhs15 for a single Iftar meal.

Overall, the ERC’s efforts in distributing Iftar meals have been met with appreciation and gratitude from the community, showcasing the spirit of generosity and compassion during the holy month of Ramadan.

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