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Improving the quality of life of the elderly

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Greetings of love and appreciation to all government institutions that support the social development system of the UAE, with our great pride in all the activities, initiatives and results that support the quality of life of senior citizens in the country. and sustainability to serve all sections of society.

We note this clearly in their valuable contributions in all areas of social and health development and future plans to improve the quality of services to all sections of society, especially for senior citizens, e.g. “Guideline for Caring for Senior Citizens during the Spread of Epidemics”, in collaboration with the Federal Corporation For Young People, and the “We welcome you” initiative to strengthen societal cohesion with senior citizens.

This is in addition to the initiative of the Family Development Fund “digital integration service for the elderly”, by qualifying them cognitively and digitally and enabling them to use social media, surf the internet and deal with digital systems to keep up with society and generations. as a means of helping them communicate with family and friends, in appreciation of this category, and a translation of government directives to improve the quality of life of senior citizens to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 and its Centennial Goal 2071.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading countries in its strategic vision for care and development services for senior citizens, which was translated into an independent strategy for those who were approved, including 4 strategic goals, 7 main axes and 26 innovative initiatives and projects will be implemented while all institutions replaced the name of the elderly or the elderly .. Elderly citizens, in accordance with the directives of the rational government, which adopted this name, in appreciation of their great role and status, in addition to health and preventive care for elderly citizens and provide all medical support and assistance, as statistics indicate an increase in the life expectancy of the elderly thanks to the provided health care and upscale community services.

I make no secret of the fact that I look forward to documenting these efforts, as they are considered one of the best practices in improving the quality of life system for senior citizens, teaching and providing them electronically with the sustainability of development and evaluation. in the presupposed social. and health services and the sustainability of public opinion polls with the aim of measuring the level of satisfaction with the services provided and strengthening strategic partnerships with academic and medical institutes specializing in developing cognitive rehabilitation programs and promoting mental health, in addition to providing care; high quality in various social, health, psychological and recreational aspects, support volunteering, support public interest groups’ efforts to support senior citizens, as caring for and caring for senior citizens is a duty of every member of the community.



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