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In eight months … Hatta resorts receive 200,000 visitors from 125 nationalities

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Dubai: “The Bay”
Dubai Holding has announced the launch of the fifth season of the resorts “Hatta” and “Hatta Wadi Hub”, starting from September 15, 2022, in continuation of the impressive success achieved in the fourth season, which welcomed more than 200,000 visitors from 125 different nationalities over the course of eight months. In line with the emirate’s vision to create opportunities and give entrepreneurs and young people the opportunity to launch their projects in Hatta, the fourth season also saw a 32% increase in the number of partners from Hatta communities, bringing the total number to 25 key partners. which today mainly contributes to the development of ecotourism in Hatta.
The increase in visitors came as a culmination of efforts to introduce new activities and lodging experiences, including “Hatta Caravan Park” and “Hatta Dome Park”, which were added to this charming destination, in addition to “Dmani Lodges Resort” and “Sedr Trailers Resort “. The two opened earlier, giving visitors more opportunities to enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Hatta and other fun activities and adventures. For the first time this summer, Hatta activities, kayaking and adventure trails for mountain hiking and biking will continue.
summer activities
Hatta and Hatta Wadi Hub Resorts invites adventure enthusiasts and those looking for inspiring and challenging rides, with mountain hiking and biking trails that stretch over a total length of 32.6 km, spread over 5 different routes to suit the level of the park and experience, on foot and cyclists from beginners to advanced off-roaders and runners. Visitors can explore the mountainous spaces and the charming nature, either by using their bikes or renting a bike from Hoppers; Mountain bike shop in Hatta Wadi Hub.
Hatta adventure is not complete without the experience of riding a kayak “Hatta Kayak” in the charming lake behind Hatta Dam. Spend fun times in the lap of nature.
new season
The new season witnesses the addition of a special activity to the range of wonderful experiences and activities offered by the main activity center of Hatta known as the “Hatta Wadi Hub”, a new “multi-purpose mountain trail adventure” that fulfills the aspirations of the young and the old.
The current outdoor activities will continue in the fifth season, including archery, zip-lining and ax-throwing, riding on “Rovers” mountain scooters, which are four-wheeled off-road e-bikes, in addition to paragliding, camel and horse riding, and other exciting experiences Fun and fun with many different accommodation options. Hatta resorts also offer food carts, barbecue facilities and other restaurants serving local cuisine to visitors while enjoying Hatta’s captivating scenery and atmosphere.
In recent years, Hatta has gained great popularity and has become one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations that lovers of adventure and exciting experiences seek in the region. It combines hospitality, retail and mobility opportunities to provide a luxurious and diversified experience that meets the needs of current and future generations, especially in the Hatta and Hatta Wadi Hub resorts, which span an area of ​​more than 4,263,000 square meters. the total area. Dubai Holding has played a key role in strengthening the tourism and investment potential of Hatta in line with the ambitions of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and a commitment to implement the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister. Minister and ruler of Dubai, with the aim of activating the participation of community projects, entrepreneurs and young people.


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