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Increasing number of Indian travelers opting for solo trips to Vietnam

by Dubaiforum

An increasing trend of Indians opting for solo travel to destinations like Vietnam, the UAE, Egypt, and Singapore has been observed, according to a recent report by Atlys, an online platform for visa applications.

The report analyzed visa applications for summer travel this year, specifically focusing on solo travelers. It revealed that solo travelers accounted for around 65% of visa applications for the UAE, 60% for Egypt, 40% for Singapore, and 45% for Vietnam. In contrast, approximately 20% of visa applications were for group tours to the UAE, 30% to Egypt, 25% to Singapore, and 20% to Vietnam.

Interestingly, the majority of visa applications for solo travel to Vietnam originated from cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. This indicates a growing interest among Indian tourists in exploring Vietnam independently.

Overall, the data highlights a shifting preference among Indian travelers towards solo travel experiences in these popular tourist destinations. This trend not only reflects the desire for personal exploration and adventure but also signifies a changing travel landscape influenced by the desire for unique and individualized travel experiences.

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