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Innocence | Mauro Carta | Design Studio

by Dubaiforum

A new pastry shop called Naëve has opened on Via della Moscova, 51 in Milan, designed by STUDIOCARTA. This pastry shop aims to revolutionize the sweet experience with a delicate and captivating aesthetic, drawing inspiration from around the world. The shop introduces a unique narrative, blending art, history, and flavors from different cultures.

At the core of this culinary and sensory adventure is Miss Evelyn, an imaginary character who is the alter ego of the pastry shop’s creators. Miss Evelyn is portrayed as an elegant and charming figure, reflecting the passion for cuisine, art, and travel. The creators, a couple of pianists who have lived on three continents and traveled the world, draw inspiration from their experiences to bring Miss Evelyn to life.

Evelyn, born in Abu Dhabi and raised in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, embodies a unique cultural blend. As a writer and adventurer, her elegant and fascinating persona reflects her love for art and cuisine, drawing influences from the Flemish Renaissance paintings to the Japanese Kaiseki culinary rituals.

Designed entirely by Studiocarta, the pastry shop features a light, minimalistic, and soft design that mirrors Evelyn’s timeless elegance. The front counter shapes, the decorated back wall, the soft colors, and the brass details create the perfect backdrop for a high pastry offering.

Each pastry created by Alessio Gavazzi, the Pastry Chef, is a chapter in Evelyn’s story, a small piece of art that captures all the senses. Visit Naëve to indulge in a unique and artistic sweet experience that will transport you around the world through flavors and aesthetics.

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