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‘Innovative fire-resistant 3D printed ADU debuts in Walnut, California’

by Dubaiforum

Builtech Construction Group, in collaboration with the City of Walnut and the Los Angeles County Fire Department, is currently working on constructing the United States’ first fire-resistant, onsite-built concrete Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Walnut.

The innovative project, led by Builtech Construction Group, is making significant progress with plumbing and sewage systems installation currently underway. The next phase involves RIC Technology’s robotic arm conducting the on-site 3D printing of the ADU’s concrete walls, with K4K Construction Design subcontracted for the printing process. The printing process is estimated to take around 20 days.

Ziyou Xu, Founder and CEO of RIC Technology, highlighted the project’s significance in applying concrete 3D printing to ADU and other affordable housing projects. Xu emphasized the compact modular robotic 3D printer’s ability to overcome conventional gantry systems’ limitations, enabling 3D construction on-site, even in confined spaces like people’s backyards.

The project in Walnut is gaining attention for its fire-resistant features, with residents Philips and Constance partnering with Builtech Construction Group to build a 1200 sqft ADU boasting 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. This unit stands out for its non-combustible elements, aiming to set a new standard for fire-resistant housing construction.

Aaron Liu, CEO of Builtech Construction Group and an NFPA-certified wildfire mitigation specialist, emphasized the focus on eliminating ‘fuel’ in the unique architectural design and building materials of the ADU to mitigate wildfire risks. The construction methods involve 3D printing with concrete for the exterior walls and using non-combustible materials for the roof.

The Walnut project reflects a trend towards fire-resistant constructions in wildfire-prone areas, aligning with findings from the USDA Forest Service’s Wildfire Risk to Communities initiative. By enhancing resilience during fires, structures like the Walnut ADU can help reduce time and financial costs associated with recovery post-wildfires.

The collaboration between Builtech Construction Group and RIC Technology is expected to lead to further developments in fire-resistant construction, aiming to expand such projects to more communities in California affected by wildfires. The companies plan to continue exploring the potential of 3D printing technology in creating non-combustible, fire-resistant homes.

In a global context, construction 3D printing is gaining traction for its speed, reduced waste, lower costs, and design flexibility. Notable projects like the unique townhouse renovation in Amsterdam and Dubai’s first 3D printed villa showcase the diverse applications of 3D printing technology in construction.

As industry leaders anticipate trends and developments in 3D printing, projects like the Walnut ADU and other innovative constructions highlight the potential for advanced construction methods to address challenges like wildfire risks and sustainability. Through ongoing collaborations and advancements in technology, the construction industry is moving towards safer, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly building practices.

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