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Isolation and “narcissism” … Necessity or harm?

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Hazza Abu Al Reesh (Abu Dhabi)

When the idea reaches the highest levels of the subconscious, its owner becomes outside the confines of the ordinary, seeing only himself, immersed in his exaggerated subjectivity, as creative visions, even if they are correct, if they do not open to the other and his thoughts still lack meaning and coherence. No matter how powerful the author is, he must also interact and communicate with the creations of others, not be isolated with his ideas or retreat into his ivory tower, isolated from the ideas of others, because true creativity and serious intellectual production often come through interaction and cultural accumulation, communication and openness On the general literary scene, near and far.
In this context, the poet Sheikha Al-Mutairi, head of the national culture department at the Juma Al Majid Center, says: Humans are by nature a social being who loves communication, interaction and dialogue. In many cases, we may find that he gives his opinion and comments and adds: We now face this suggestion, which can come in two ways, it can be with a wonderful and polite verbal elegance, and it can also come through a language , which contains a breath of superiority and literary superiority, and from this the reactions are formed when the recipients of the notes.

And she continued: This is what happens to some writers when they present their creativity and share these texts and works with the literary community. I can, on the other hand, read the case and look at what we might call or think “narcissism” or isolation in a slightly different way, as I see that the author, and I speak here of the poet specifically, writes his poem in a special moment, and thus the words that chose to flow in the text come to fit with the psychological state of its creator, so when he presents his poem, he presents his spirit, so how can others have the right to reformulate the vocabulary of that spirit.
She added: I used to listen to someone say, for example, as if it were a commitment: “You should say a cloud, not a cloud.” We do not know exactly who chose loneliness and what was the reason he chose loneliness and distance. As for the rejected narcissism, it is the new author’s narcissism that does not have enough experience and is still in the beginning of The new author. writing experience! He has to listen to those who give him advice, especially what we see today in the absence of a good understanding of what they write, as some of them do not read and do not have language or imagination, but they only want to seek after spotlight. Ultimately, the creative scene has a constant need for movement, life, discussion, and interaction, but within the bounds of literary tact and intellectual elegance.

In turn, the author Hareb Al-Dhahiri said that the narcissism of the creator, according to the interpretations received from the analytical human studies, is in the form of a self-satisfaction that lies in self-love to a degree that can be translated into a kind of illusion, because the self does not accept, in this case, the formation except in another way about the other. Of course, the scientist, thinker, writer, and poet may be dominated by subjective or existential thoughts and questions, and therefore seeks to assert his own existence and existence, and therefore the subjective dimension overlaps with creativity. He seeks to preserve his fervent philosophy with the recipient within the framework of the personality, who is different, likes it or not, and his thoughts are also different, and his feeling towards the other may be different, but if he feels his lack of commitment to the other he may develop a kind of pathological narcissism.
Al-Dhahiri continued: Some people suffer from narcissism if the writer or poet loses his intellectual or creative image or his influential ideas, and therefore he searches for a symbolism to which he belongs to search for his own message. He concluded by emphasizing that the true creator usually tries to be characterized by his message, which is contained in his diverse creations and cultures, and does not create important components for himself, which he transmits in himself to swell. As for isolation, it is the nature of the author, from a personal point of view, and is not necessarily considered narcissistic, especially at a time when the author is able to perceive his surroundings and interact with the cultural scene at a distance without isolation in a limited place and time.

Eman Al-Hashemi: The creator does not add a real addition if he is isolated with his ideas
For her part, author Iman Al-Hashemi pointed out that the true creator must be convinced of the importance of seeing the creativity of others in order to advance his ideas towards an inspiring creative radiance that would be a real addition to the literary scene, and to seek quality in the works he presents that serve his product and the creative product of others. She stressed that the creator is not a real addition if he is isolated with his ideas and stays away from the creations of others in the belief that he is the “only” in the world of literature and “nothing.” The beauty of brilliance usually lies in the diversity and diversity of ideas.


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