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ISS astronaut shares stunning photo of Abu Dhabi from space

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Just when we thought that Abu Dhabi, the spectacular capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) couldn’t be more impressive, an astronaut on a mission in the International Space Station (ISS) shared a photograph of what the city looks like from space.

According to a report published on the website of The mail, Koichi WakataJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronomer, known for flying on the shuttle Endeavor & Discovery, ISS, Soyuz TMA-14, Soyuz TMA-11M and Crew Dragon Endurance and for being commander of ISS Exp39, posted the image On twitter.

In the photo we can see the stunning view of Abu Dhabi at night from 400 kilometers away on Earththe distance that separates the planet from the position of Koichi, who has been on the ISS since October 5, 2022 and will return in March.

The spectacular image of Abu Dhabi from space

Hello Abu Dhabi! Nice view of the city at night from the ISS!the Japanese astronaut tweeted.

As we can observe, the image shows the UAE capital resplendent with urban areas and coastlines clearly visible.

Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is popular in space photography for its distinctive coastlines and landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Ferrari Worso astronauts often share images from space of these locations.

For his part, Koichi Wakata is a member of NASA and SpaceX’s Crew-5 mission. He has been an astronaut for the Japanese space agency for more than 26 years and flew his first mission in 1996 in a space shuttle.

On February 26, NASA and SpaceX will send the Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station Sultan Al Nejadiwho will spend six months on the ISS.


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