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July 2024 fuel prices revealed in UAE

by Dubaiforum

Get ready to save some extra cash next month because the UAE’s fuel prices for July 2024 have just been announced. Whether you drive a car for work or leisure, knowing the cost of fuel is crucial for proper budgeting. So, mark your calendars for July 1, 2024, when the new prices will come into effect.

Starting next month, Super 98 will see a significant decrease in price, dropping from Dhs3.14 per litre to Dhs2.99 per litre. This is great news for motorists who rely on this type of fuel for their vehicles. Additionally, Special 95 will also see a price decrease, going from Dhs3.02 per litre in June 2024 to Dhs2.88 per litre in July 2024. That’s a difference of 14 fils per litre, providing some relief at the pump for drivers.

On the other hand, the cost of Diesel will see a slight increase of 1 fil for July 2024, with the new price set at Dhs2.89 per litre. While this may not be as significant as the decreases in Super 98 and Special 95, it’s important for diesel vehicle owners to be aware of this adjustment.

For those interested in how fuel prices have evolved over the past year and a half, here is a breakdown of the UAE fuel prices for Super 98 from January 2023 to June 2024:

– January 2024: Dhs2.82
– February 2024: Dhs2.88
– March 2024: Dhs3.03
– April 2024: Dhs3.15
– May 2024: Dhs3.34
– June 2024: Dhs3.14
– July 2024: Dhs2.99

It’s worth noting that all prices mentioned above include the five per cent VAT, so make sure to factor that into your calculations when planning your fuel expenses.

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy implemented a new pricing system in August 2015, shifting from government subsidies on petrol to pricing based on average global rates. This change allowed fuel prices in the UAE to be more aligned with international market trends, offering consumers a more accurate reflection of global fuel costs.

So, next time you fill up your tank, remember to consider the current fuel prices and plan accordingly to make the most of these recent adjustments. And don’t forget to sign up for exclusive updates to stay informed about any future changes in fuel prices that may impact your daily commute or road trips. Get ready to hit the road with some extra savings in your pocket!

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