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July Fuel Prices in UAE Revealed

by Dubaiforum

The much-anticipated fuel prices for July 2024 have finally been revealed by the UAE fuel price committee. Motorists across the UAE can breathe a sigh of relief as the prices for Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus have all decreased this month. However, there is a slight increment in the price of diesel for the month of July.

Starting with Super 98, motorists will now have to shell out Dhs 2.99 per liter, down from the previous month’s price of Dhs 3.14 per liter. This reduction in price is sure to bring some relief to drivers who rely on this higher-octane fuel for their vehicles.

For Special 95, the price has decreased to Dhs 2.88 per liter from the previous price of Dhs 3.02 per liter. This drop in price will come as welcome news to those who opt for Special 95 for their vehicles.

E-Plus 91, the most affordable option among the fuels, will now cost Dhs 2.80 per liter, down from Dhs 2.95 per liter in June. This price cut will be a relief for those looking to save some money on their fuel expenses.

Unfortunately, diesel prices have seen a slight increase, with a liter of diesel now costing Dhs 2.89, up from Dhs 2.88 in June. While the increase is minimal, it may impact those who rely on diesel vehicles for their daily transportation needs.

Overall, the decrease in prices for Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus will come as a welcome relief to motorists who have been grappling with rising fuel costs in recent months. The UAE fuel price committee’s decision to lower prices reflects the current market conditions and is sure to benefit drivers across the country.

It is important for motorists to stay informed about fuel prices, as they can have a significant impact on their monthly expenses. By keeping an eye on the latest fuel price updates, drivers can better plan their budgets and save money where possible.

In conclusion, the July 2024 fuel prices reveal a mix of decreases and increases across different fuel types. While Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus have all seen price reductions, diesel prices have inched up slightly. Motorists are advised to monitor fuel prices regularly to make informed decisions about their fuel expenses and budget accordingly.

As we navigate through the ever-changing landscape of fuel prices, staying informed and proactive is key to managing our transportation costs effectively. With the recent price adjustments, motorists can now fill up their tanks with a little less strain on their wallets.

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