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‘Kalima Project Connects Cultures at Arab-Chinese Symposium’

by Dubaiforum

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award and the Kalima Project recently teamed up to promote dialogue between Arab and Chinese civilizations at a symposium titled “Arab and Chinese Civilizations: Dialogue Through Culture.” This collaboration brought together scholars, educators, and cultural figures to explore the historical and contemporary connections between the two regions.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, often referred to as the “Arab World’s Nobel Prize in Literature,” showcased its role in bridging cultural divides through literature at the symposium. The award, established in Abu Dhabi by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, includes categories that highlight the diverse facets of Arabic writing and celebrate the rich tapestry of Arab cultural expression. The award organizers also discussed the growing international reach of the award, with submissions now coming from over 50 countries, including China.

The Kalima Project, known for its efforts in translating Arabic literature into Chinese and vice versa, shared its success in introducing Chinese audiences to Arab classics and contemporary works. Representatives emphasized the importance of translation in fostering a deeper understanding of Arab experiences and perspectives, showcasing the vital role it plays in cultural exchange. A panel discussion at the symposium further explored the challenges and rewards of translation, with scholars and translators from Arab and Chinese backgrounds sharing their insights.

In addition to scholarly discussions, the symposium featured cultural performances that highlighted the artistic traditions of both regions. Traditional music and dance presentations, including Arabic dabke dance routines and Chinese opera performances, created a vibrant display of cultural exchange.

This collaboration between the Sheikh Zayed Book Award and the Kalima Project underscores the growing importance of cultural bridges between the Arab world and China. As economic and political ties between the two regions strengthen, fostering a deeper cultural understanding is key. The symposium served as a valuable platform for nurturing this understanding and paving the way for enriched cultural exchange in the future.

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