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“Lexus debuts “Time” at Milan Design Week 2024″

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Lexus has unveiled its exhibition “Time” at the world’s largest design event: Milan Design Week in Milan, Italy. This immersive art experience showcases the future of next-generation mobility and its countless possibilities. This exhibition is located at Art Point and Art Garden in the Superstudio Più in Milan’s design district of Tortona. The exhibition, open until April 21, 2024, explores the synergy between software and hardware, drawing inspiration from Lexus’ LF-ZC electric battery concept vehicle.

Simon Humphries, Director of Branding at Lexus, stated that the theme of the installation, “Time,” emphasizes the inseparability of experience and time, highlighting how time is not merely fleeting but the catalyst for extraordinary experiences. By delving into the relationship between people and time, Lexus aims to redefine luxury in line with carbon neutrality and innovation in mobility, showcasing the potential of energy and software in advancing the future of transportation.

The “Time” installation features works by designers Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent, Keiichiro Shibuya, and Marjan van Aubel. Yoshimoto/Tangent’s installation “Beyond the Horizon” at Art Point, in collaboration with musician Keiichiro Shibuya, immerses visitors in a world of light and sound that evolves infinitely through software. Meanwhile, at Art Garden, Marjan van Aubel’s exhibition “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” incorporates solar design and technology for a carbon-neutral future.

The interactive “Beyond the Horizon” installation envisions a future where personal mobility can adapt to each individual. This installation integrates traditional craft with modern technology by leveraging Echizen washi paper and incorporating a 4-meter-tall, 30-meter-wide display showing ever-changing horizons. The fusion of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology is a central feature of this installation, symbolizing Lexus’ commitment to sustainability and refined luxury.

Keiichiro Shibuya’s sonic composition in the installation complements the visual concept by creating ever-evolving soundscapes that move through 31 speakers, offering a unique and immersive experience. The “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” installation celebrates Lexus’ commitment to advancing innovation in mobility, blending solar energy, and software while striving for carbon neutrality and luxury.

Lexus’ participation in Milan Design Week underscores the brand’s dedication to creating extraordinary experiences. By exploring new horizons in luxury and sustainability, Lexus continues to push boundaries and inspire innovation in the automotive industry.

For further information about the exhibition, visit the official website of the designers.

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