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Life is beautiful on the one hand; Expatriate house as a super hit | Traditional Plan | Cost Effective House Plan | മനോരമവീട് | Home & Plan | Homestyle | Manoramaonline

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Denny’s new home in Thrissur combines old and new beautifully under one roof. The landlord and his family, who do business in Dubai, approached architect MM Jose with a request for a simple, spacious home in addition to the local family space. Since there is often no permanent residence, the family decided that a one-story house would be enough to make maintenance easier. That is how the uniqueness of Keralite houses in appearance and modern conveniences inside was born.



The walls are low enough to enjoy the beautiful view of the house from the road itself. The entrance to the house is through a beautifully landscaped landscape. The driveway, cobblestone driveway, lawn, garden and the presence of large trees all provide a great backdrop for the home. After the news that the roof was level, the GI trussed and ran away. The roof is made of imported roof tile that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.



The house is built with maximum retention of trees in the wide plot. At the back of the plot is the field. The spaces are arranged in such a way that the wind and the views from here reach the house. For example, one of the walls in the back bedroom had sentry glass windows. It is sturdy and has no security issues. Can be opened on the sides.



The 5,600-square-foot home includes a porch, seating area, formal living, family living, dining, kitchen, workplace and four bedrooms. The entrance to the house is through a long porch. Seating space is reserved here for you to sit and enjoy the views of the beautiful landscape.



The interiors are arranged in an open policy so that maximum spacing is felt. For example, while the dining and kitchen are visually connected, adequate privacy is ensured.

The interior is usually white. However, gray cladding has been added to the walls of the formal living room and porch to give it a contrast.

The pride of Italian marble lies on the ground. Leather finished customized furniture is on display in common areas.

Sentry glass windows were also used on one wall in the Family Living. If you are here, you can enjoy the views of the greenery outside.

Here, as in the old four-story building, the common areas are arranged around the central courtyard. An abundance of natural light enters through the skylight in the courtyard.



The bedrooms are spacious and spacious. Attached bathroom, wardrobe and dressing space are all attached here.



Kitchen cabinets are in wood + laminate + lacquered glass finish. Nanovite spread on the counter.



In short, this house is now captivating the hearts of all who come here with its beauty and amenities.

Project facts

Location- Kundai, Thrissur

Owner- Denny Pappachan

Area- 5600 Sq.ft

Architect: MM Jose

Mindscape Architects, Pala

Ph- 04822 213 970

Mob- 9447367326


English Summary- Traditional Modern Fusion House; Veedu Magazine Malayalam


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