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Major Traffic Enhancements Completed on Three Key Streets in Al Mankhool by RTA

by Dubaiforum

Dubai’s Al Mankhool district has long been plagued by heavy traffic, causing frustration for residents and commuters alike. Fortunately, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently completed a project aimed at improving traffic conditions on three key streets in the area. This initiative is part of the RTA’s ongoing efforts to enhance Dubai’s road infrastructure and ease congestion in busy neighborhoods like Al Mankhool.

According to Hussain Al Banna, CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, “Al Mankhool area is notorious for its heavy traffic. RTA has made several enhancements to improve the conditions at Al Mankhool.” The project focused on the intersections of Kuwait Street, 12A Street, and 10C Street, implementing various changes to streamline traffic flow and enhance safety for road users.

One of the key enhancements included reducing the number of right-in and right-out lanes from two to one at the intersection of Kuwait Street and 10C Street. This adjustment aims to improve intersection efficiency and reduce potential conflicts between turning vehicles. Additionally, a new U-turn movement on 10C Street was added to enhance traffic safety and minimize the risk of accidents in the area.

Another significant change implemented as part of the project was the relocation of the U-turn on Kuwait Street to extend the storage lane. This modification is expected to improve traffic flow and decrease delays at the Kuwait Street and 12A Street junction by an impressive 30%. By eliminating overlapping traffic movements from 10C Street to 12A Street, safety on Kuwait Street is enhanced, creating a more secure environment for all road users.

These enhancements are designed to facilitate smoother traffic flow and easier movement in Al Mankhool and the surrounding areas, benefiting approximately 130,000 residents and commuters. Al Mankhool serves as a vital commercial hub in Dubai, hosting a range of service companies, hotels, hospitals, and retail outlets. Improving traffic conditions in this area not only enhances the daily commute for residents but also supports the thriving business community that depends on efficient transportation networks.

The completion of this project underscores the RTA’s commitment to enhancing Dubai’s road infrastructure and ensuring the safety and convenience of all road users. By implementing strategic improvements at key intersections in Al Mankhool, the RTA is taking proactive steps to address traffic challenges and create a more sustainable and efficient transportation system in the city.

Overall, the enhancements on Kuwait Street, 12A Street, and 10C Street mark a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to modernize Dubai’s road network and improve the quality of life for residents and commuters. With these improvements in place, Al Mankhool is poised to become a more accessible and connected neighborhood, contributing to the overall growth and development of Dubai as a global city.

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