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‘Mansuriya gas field development launched by Midland Oil Company’

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Infrastructure Preparation and Security Arrangements Begin for Major Gas Wells in Iraq

A source from Midland Oil Company has disclosed the start of infrastructure preparation and security arrangements for the two largest gas wells in the Mansuriya field, which extends to the Al-Azem district in northeastern Diyala governorate.

According to the source, the company’s technical staff has been tasked with completing the infrastructure for the gas wells, namely Al-Khashm Al-Ahmar and Al-Gamr, both integral parts of the Mansuriya gas field. This gas field is considered one of Iraq’s most vital resources and has the capacity to supply multiple power stations in Diyala.

The development of the Mansuriya field is expected to reduce Iraq’s reliance on imported gas in the future. The Ministry of Oil is keen on decreasing dependency on imports and utilizing the gas reserves in Mansuriya, which could translate to significant financial gains for the country.

A joint committee comprising representatives from Diyala Operations Command and Midland Oil Company recently conducted a field survey of the wells, focusing on establishing security and technical plans and assessing the infrastructure in preparation for the upcoming work by investing companies.

Of note is the “Al-Khashm Al-Ahmar” well, known for its significant reserves of high-quality natural gas. This well has the potential to power the Mansuriya gas station, producing 700 megawatts of electricity for over a century.

In related developments, GEO-JADE Company secured a contract for the exploration and production of the “Naft Khana” gas field in Diyala, as well as the development of the Huwaiza field in Maysan governorate. The Sindbad field in Basra and the Klabbat Fajr field in Diyala were also earmarked for development and production by UEG Company and Crescent UAE Company, respectively.

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghani highlighted the activation of contracts with Al-Hilal UAE Company under the fifth licensing round for gas investment. The agreement includes the extraction of 400 million standard cubic feet from fields such as “Al-Khashm Al-Ahmar, Klabbat, and Khudair Al-Mai,” with a commitment to complete the development and investment process within eighteen months.

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