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Manufacture of a road safety alarm trailer with Emirati hands

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Sharjah Police General Command unveiled the “Alert Trailer” project, which was manufactured locally by 100% Emirati cadres from Sharjah Police, and is characterized by unique environmentally friendly specifications and helps to control road safety, increase safety and reduce traffic accidents.

The project “Alert Trailer” aims to prevent the occurrence of continuous traffic accidents on the roads, as the alarm trailer must replace the traffic patrols on closed roads in case of traffic accidents, accidents with heavy vehicles, fire or other accidents that may occur on the roads. , which will help to provide a suitable time to alert motorists, as the trailer is characterized by powerful solar-powered lights that alarm the longest possible distance, according to special standards and under different climatic conditions, and will also contribute to optimal delivery of safety assets. from vehicles and traffic patrols, in addition to securing the lives of police officers while carrying out their work.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Alai Al Naqbi, Director of the Traffic and Patrol Department at Sharjah Police, said that this project is a solution to accidents that may occur during traffic accident planning or traffic regulation processes, and expresses his delight at this environmentally friendly innovation made by Sharjah Police staff with expertise and qualifications Scientific research in innovation and manufacturing, so the production time took 7 consecutive days and several trailers are produced, characterized by the scalability of the systems, pointing out that the Sharjah police own a laboratory for traffic innovation, which is a center for generating ideas and performing tests before they are translated on site.



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