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“Massive airdrop completed in northern Gaza by UAE and Egypt”

by Dubaiforum

The UAE and Egypt recently completed their largest aid drop to northern Gaza, delivering 125 tonnes of essential aid items and Eid clothing parcels. This mission, known as the “Birds of Goodness” operation, involved six aircraft working together to address the needs of Palestinians during Eid Al Fitr.

To date, the “Birds of Goodness” operation has delivered a total of 1,857 tonnes of aid to northern Gaza. This is part of the larger effort by the UAE, with over 2,227 tonnes of aid sent as part of Operation “Chivalrous Knight 3”.

This successful mission demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the UAE and Egypt to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need. Such actions help to support the community and bring hope to those facing difficult circumstances.

Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, countries can work together to make a positive impact and support those who require assistance the most. This is a shining example of international cooperation and solidarity in times of crisis.

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