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Medical evacuation plane lands in Malaysia to assist King Harald of Norway

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In a tale set in the enchanting backdrop of Langkawi, Malaysia, a captivating narrative unfolded involving the Norwegian monarch, King Harald, and the swift actions of SAS medical evacuation services.

The story began on a tranquil Tuesday, the 27th of February, when the Norwegian royal household disclosed that King Harald, aged 87, had been hospitalized in Malaysia due to an infection acquired during a leisurely vacation. Concern over the royal health situation sparked interest and raised questions among the public.

Two days later, a ray of hope emerged as the royal court announced the king’s improving condition and his expected return home in the following days. Without delay, a medical evacuation aircraft, converted into a “flying hospital,” departed from Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport on a late Thursday evening: a Boeing 737-700 with registration LN-RPJ.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the same aircraft landed at Langkawi Airport in Malaysia after a stopover in Sharjah, as reported by NRK’s correspondent on site. The SAS passenger plane, now outfitted with 18 hospital beds and 39 regular ones, had previously been involved in evacuating injured Ukrainian soldiers to Norway.

Speculation surrounded the purpose of the plane’s presence at the Malaysian airport, with rumors suggesting its role in transporting King Harald back home. The Norwegian defense forces remained silent on the mission’s specifics, yet Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram assured the public of the government’s commitment to the king’s safe repatriation.

Minister Gram stated in an interview with NRK, “It is crucial for the king to return home when unwell, and we will ensure that happens.

Prince Haakon also provided reassurance regarding the king’s well-being, emphasizing the importance of appropriate medical care given his advanced age.

Given his age, it is clear that he requires careful treatment. The hospital staff are highly skilled,” noted Prince Haakon.

By late afternoon on Friday, the royal court issued an official statement confirming that King Harald would extend his stay in the Malaysian hospital for a few more days.

The official statement read, “The king will remain at the hospital for a few more days for treatment and rest before returning home,” leaving the nation eagerly anticipating the monarch’s safe homecoming and continued recovery.

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