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Millionaire Midwife reveals winning the National Lottery 10 years agoещPeople are unaware of her wealth

by Dubaiforum

The National Lottery has been changing lives for years, and one woman who knows this all too well is Ruth Breen, a midwife who won a staggering £1 million on the EuroMillions back in 2014. Despite her newfound wealth, Ruth remains humble and continues to work for the NHS, providing care and support to new mothers and families in Wigan.

It was during a regular break at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary when Ruth checked her emails and discovered that she had become a millionaire. The news came as a shock, but Ruth knew that this windfall was a blessing that would allow her to have a better work-life balance. With her winnings, Ruth treated her family to luxury holidays in exotic destinations like Dubai, St Lucia, and Mauritius. However, despite the extravagant trips, Ruth remains grounded and is grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with her loved ones.

For Ruth, winning the lottery came at the perfect time, as it allowed her to reduce her work hours and focus on enjoying life outside of the hospital. Working part-time gives her the freedom to do “fun mum things” and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. While she may have splurged on a few luxuries, like a pair of Jimmy Choos and a BMW X3, Ruth still lives in the same house she owned before winning the lottery.

Surprisingly, many of Ruth’s colleagues and patients are unaware of her millionaire status. She prefers to keep a low profile and be treated like any other midwife, focusing on providing the best care possible to those she works with. Ruth’s dedication to her job and her willingness to give back to the community is truly admirable.

In addition to her work as a midwife, Ruth has also been actively involved in supporting the charity The Baby Room, which provides essential items to new families in need. She recognizes the financial struggles that many families face, especially when welcoming a new baby, and is passionate about helping to alleviate some of these burdens.

As Ruth reflects on the past decade since winning the lottery, she remains grateful for the opportunities it has provided and the impact she has been able to make in the lives of others. Her story is a testament to the power of generosity and compassion, and serves as a reminder that money can’t buy happiness or fulfillment.

Despite her wealth, Ruth Breen is a shining example of how to remain humble and dedicated to serving others, even in the face of extraordinary circumstances. Her story is not just about winning the lottery, but about using that win to make a positive impact in the world around her. A true inspiration and role model, Ruth continues to make a difference every day, both as a midwife and as a generous supporter of those in need.

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