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Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Fichte & Co. organise first-ever P&I roundtable

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DUBAI, 2nd June, 2022 (WAM) — The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) in collaboration with the UAE’s leading law firm, Fichte & Co., organised the first-ever P&I roundtable titled, “Towards Reinforcing a Competitive P&I for the UAE Maritime Sector.”

Taking place at the IMO headquarters in London, the roundtable saw the participation of more than 20 representatives from P&I clubs, law firms, and the ministry. Industry experts discussed various aspects related to the UAE’s maritime industry, the need for P&I clubs to set up their offices in the Emirates, and how this will elevate the nation’s position in the global maritime landscape.

Speaking at the roundtable, Hessa Al Malek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, MOEI said, “Over the years, P&I clubs in the UAE have played a massive role in our industry’s well-being and the continuity of business operations by reducing liabilities and ensuring increased financial security. Our shipping companies and seafarers are at the core of our sector and are usually the ones that undertake the maximum risk to ensure smooth flow of trade.”

“The UAE is one of the most prominent maritime hubs across the globe accounting for over AED90 billion of the nation’s GDP. Considering this and the Emirates’ strategic location at the centre of global trade, we believe it is the ideal place for P&I clubs to set up their offices to be more accessible to some of the leading maritime companies across the globe. This will not only enhance the UAE’s position in the global maritime landscape but will also allow P&I clubs to effectively extend their services to both sides of the globe,” Al Malek added.

Jasmin Fichte, Managing Partner, Fichte & Co. stated, “As a law firm working towards the betterment of the masses, in particular the maritime industry, we understand the critical role played by insurers in reaching a fair and amicable settlement during disputes. As per our findings, insurance premiums account for more than 30 percent of a shipowner’s expenses, thus showcasing the importance of P&I clubs in their operations. P&I clubs also provide defence underwriting, making them not only the driving force in any major incident but also a key player in most maritime court proceedings.”

“In addition to being ranked 5th globally as a key competitive maritime hub, the nation is home to 20 leading ports and over 27,000 maritime companies. While these numbers are simply commendable, what we aim to become is a global maritime hub. This is where we believe P&I clubs will play a massive role as they will strengthen the nation’s maritime infrastructure by securing the interest of the shipping companies operating in the country and safeguarding the 1,083 seafarers serving the UAE’s maritime sector,” Fichte added.

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