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New Emirates & Bulgari Summer Amenity Kits Available for First & Business Class Passengers

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Emirates Enhances First and Business Class Experience with Bulgari Amenity Kits

Emirates has recently introduced a new collection of Bulgari amenity kits exclusively designed for First and Business Class passengers. These kits, tailored for the summer season, are now available on select routes and long-haul flights to elevate the onboard experience for travelers.

In a strategic move to enhance customer satisfaction and comfort, Emirates has partnered with the renowned Italian luxury brand Bulgari to create a luxurious range of amenity kits. These kits not only showcase the airline’s upgraded cabin interiors but also feature Bulgari’s popular fragrances.

Luxurious Amenities for First Class:

For First Class passengers, Emirates has unveiled a range of sumptuous amenities packaged in two distinctive collectible bags for men and women. Crafted from premium materials, these kits are designed to cater to the discerning tastes of Emirates’ elite passengers.

Men’s Collection:
Men can enjoy the sophistication of chestnut brown synthetic leather bags with forest green and cream trim. The kit includes a specially crafted 30ml bottle of BVLGARI LE GEMME KOBRAA Eau de Parfum, along with other Bulgari products such as an aftershave balm, body emulsion, cleansing towel, and lip balm. Additional essentials like a Gillette razor, shaving foam, dental kit, deodorant, tissues, earplugs, and a foldaway hairbrush ensure a pampered journey.

Women’s Collection:
Women can indulge in the elegance of metallic champagne-bronze bags with turquoise accents. The kit includes a newly developed 30ml bottle of BVLGARI LE GEMME OROM Eau de Parfum, Bulgari’s signature products, and a gold-lacquered mirror for a luxurious inflight experience.

Business Class Comfort Redefined:

Business Class passengers are also treated to a range of amenity kits designed for both men and women.

Women’s Collection:
Soft cream bags with coral accents add a chic touch to Business Class amenities for female travelers. Featuring BVLGARI OMNIA CORAL Eau de Toilette and complementary skincare products, these kits promise a refreshing journey.

Men’s Collection:
Men can enjoy chestnut brown fabric bags with cream faux leather accents, housing the iconic BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK Eau de Parfum and other grooming essentials for a refined inflight experience.

Emirates’ longstanding partnership with Bulgari, spanning over 15 years, has led to the 16th version of these luxurious amenity kits onboard. With a commitment to excellence, Emirates continues to redefine luxury travel by providing unparalleled amenities and services to its customers worldwide.

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