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New Revolutionary Campaign Offers Smart Car for Staying Connected Anywhere

by Dubaiforum

Dubai-based telecommunications company, Du, has once again made waves with their latest outdoor advertising campaign titled “Stay Connected Anywhere with Smart Car.” This innovative campaign not only reinforces Du’s dedication to seamless connectivity through cutting-edge technology but also transforms the way people can stay connected on the move.

The billboards across Dubai feature the campaign slogan “Stay Connected Anywhere with Smart Car,” emphasizing how individuals can now monitor their vehicle’s location through real-time data and drive more intelligently than ever before. The visuals depict a group of friends enjoying a camping trip in the desert after utilizing their smart car’s real-time traffic updates, navigation assistance, and emergency services. This enhanced driving experience ensures peace of mind for travelers.

The new campaign was launched on digital screens and uni-poles across Dubai in the second week of April, reaching a wide audience across the city. This strategic placement aims to capture the attention of commuters and residents alike, showcasing Du’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and driving experiences.

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