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New Strategy Project in Abu Dhabi aims to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities

by Dubaiforum

The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in Abu Dhabi has launched the Vision Zero Strategy Development Project, aiming to create a transportation system with zero road fatalities. This ambitious initiative recognizes the limitations of the human body in surviving collisions and seeks to completely eliminate traffic-related deaths.

Led by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, with support from the Abu Dhabi Police and the Integrated Transport Centre, this project involves a comprehensive action plan focusing on five strategic pillars. These pillars include creating safer roads, implementing appropriate speed limits, mandating enhanced safety features in vehicles, promoting responsibility among road users, and establishing a robust response system for accidents.

The action plan will involve public education campaigns, improved driver training programs, and stricter regulations on vehicle licensing and road safety procedures. Laws and traffic control measures will be reviewed and updated to prioritize safety for all road users.

Emphasizing innovation and research, the project aims to incorporate the latest technology and transportation design to create a more forgiving and user-friendly environment on the roads. This may include exploring smart infrastructure solutions, advanced vehicle safety features, and data-driven approaches to identify accident hotspots.

The Vision Zero Strategy Development Project is a significant step towards creating a safer transportation network in Abu Dhabi. By prioritizing safety at every level, this initiative aims to minimize the human cost of traffic accidents. The success of this project will be closely monitored and could serve as a model for other regions striving to eliminate traffic fatalities.

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