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Nurmagomedov and I are Just Normal People

by Dubaiforum

Cory Sandhagen, a prominent American fighter in the UFC lightweight division, recently shared his thoughts on his upcoming bout with rival Umar Nurmagomedov. Sandhagen made it clear that he does not view Nurmagomedov as a unique fighter, emphasizing that they both have their own distinct skills and qualities.

“Umar is a regular person, just like me. Yes, he grew up in a different environment and has his specific skills, including fortitude and psychological abilities. However, I have my own unique path and characteristics,” Sandhagen explained in a statement to Middle Easy.

Sandhagen expressed his belief that it is important not to elevate his opponents beyond their actual abilities, stating, “I don’t like to make anyone I have to fight look more important than they really are. Because that’s not the case.”

The highly anticipated Sandhagen-Nurmagomedov fight is set to take place on August 3 at a tournament in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fans are eagerly anticipating this clash between two talented fighters in the lightweight division.

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