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Oizom’s innovative technology is used to monitor air quality in 50 countries

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Oizom was founded in the Indian city of Ahmedabad in the year 2015. It has deployed 1000+ devices across the globe in the last six years for real-time monitoring of 30 various environmental factors such as gases, dust, noise, meteorological parameters, radiations, and so on. Monitors from Oizom can be seen in cities around the world, including London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Dubai, Delhi, Houston, Melbourne, and Istanbul.

Oizom’s success can be attributed to its diverse staff and ground-breaking sensor technology. “The IoT-driven solution allows experts to remotely access data,” said Mr. Jainam Mehta, Oizom’s Chief Business Officer. This means you can use these units in mines, quarries, and even in the desert. All you need is power and network connectivity. Our latest version enables solar compatibility and data backup in case of network failure.”

Oizom’s monitors have to date empowered several smart cities, smart campuses, industries, mining sites, wastewater treatment plants, and airports to get an accurate reading of the air quality and weather conditions. The patented ‘e-breathing technology’ ensures accurate data and sensor life longevity of the systems. This has enabled Oizom to successfully expand its global presence across various cities in Europe, North America, South America, Oceana, Asia, and the Middle East.

Mr. Mehta, commenting on the company’s reach, stated, “Our units have been tested in almost all conditions. Whether it is a hot & humid place like Mumbai or a cold and dry place like Germany, the monitors are rugged enough to sustain any geography. This has helped us build trust amongst our customers.”

Oizom’s flagship products for Environmental solutions include Polludrone – Air Quality Monitoring System, Odosense – Odour Monitoring System, Dustroid – Ambient Dust Monitor, Weathercom – Automatic Weather Station, AQBot – Industrial Grade Single Parameter Air Quality Monitor and Envizom – Air Quality Monitoring Software, among others.

Oizom is currently building a network of partners to expand its global presence. It aims to empower 50 global cities and industries across the world for better decision making with its accurate, robust and cost-effective Air Quality Monitoring systems.

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  • Oizom’s innovative technology is used to monitor air quality in 50 countries
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