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Our universities are at the forefront

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It has been 50 years since the unification of our state, some may see it as short, but it led to great results. Several countries had to double that period to achieve such results, and other countries cut the same period and more, but did not reach the same level until now.

Achievement was not limited to one field without others, but was withdrawn to all areas of life in the Emirates until our young country became a proverbial example in progress and progress, under a leadership preoccupied with one goal since the first moments of the creation of the association, which is to achieve leadership, in its comprehensive sense, throughout It would raise the status of the country and achieve the well-being of the citizen.

Our renaissance has been based on a solid educational foundation, to transform into a knowledge economy where the state has made great progress, preceded by others, and our universities have become a major arena for the rehabilitation and graduation of young cadres who have the knowledge experience and science that qualifies them to carry the torches of development and continue the path of development that our various sectors.

A few days ago, QS, one of the international companies specializing in analyzing higher education issues, published its 19th report on universities around the world, and Khalifa University of Science and Technology was among the top 200 universities in world, Emirates University is among the 300 best universities, and the American university Sharjah is among the 500 best universities in the world.

The report confirmed that the UAE is the best international learning environment. With 11 institutions ranked, the largest number of universities occupied the classification lists compared to previous years, and three Emirati universities entered the list of the top 500 universities, including: Khalifa University of Science and Technology, which moved up two places to 181.

Eight universities also made the top 1000 list: Canadian universities in Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, US universities in Dubai, Dubai and Zayed University.

And (QS) went on to say that the United Arab Emirates “has demonstrated the most international education ecosystem and research force in the field of engineering”. Khalifa University of Science and Technology ranked first in the ratio of faculty members per. students in the Arab region, ranking 80 globally in this goal. In terms of research, the university itself ranks as number 248 in the world for citations per. college, specifically electrical engineering, which accounts for less than 27% of its research output in this field.

UAE is an attractive destination for higher education for both faculty and international students.

This great achievement makes us assure that there is more development, because our country’s leadership always affirms that “our ambition has no limits.”

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