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‘Plan in place for the future of Chinese-Arab relations’

by Dubaiforum

Last week, significant diplomatic events took place that strengthened ties between China and Arab nations. During the 10th Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Beijing, as well as state visits from leaders of Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates, important agreements were reached that set the stage for future collaboration.

China has been a longstanding trading partner of Arab countries, with trade volume steadily increasing over the years. The two sides have also worked together on numerous Belt and Road projects, benefiting millions of people.

President Xi Jinping outlined key areas for future cooperation, focusing on innovation, investment, energy, trade, and people-to-people exchanges. The meeting concluded with the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and an action plan for the next few years.

The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum has played a crucial role in promoting dialogue and cooperation between the two sides. Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized the importance of implementing the plans laid out during the conference.

One notable aspect of the recent diplomatic events was the joint statement on the question of Palestine, highlighting the commitment to achieving peace in the region. The visits from Arab leaders to China also yielded positive outcomes, demonstrating a shared commitment to peace, stability, and economic cooperation.

Experts believe that the upcoming second China-Arab Summit in 2026 will further strengthen ties and promote mutual development. The summit is expected to play a significant role in planning future cooperation and enhancing global governance reform.

Overall, the fruitful cooperation between China and Arab countries showcases the potential for South-South collaboration and mutual respect for each other’s development paths. The commitment to multilateralism and shared goals underpin the strong relationship between the two sides.

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