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Postponed exams for grades 4 to 12 next Monday

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The Emirates Foundation for School Education announced the schedule for the deferred re-examinations for students who are absent with an excuse for grades 4 to 12 in public and private schools using the Ministry of Education’s curriculum for the 2021-2022 academic year starting next Monday, corresponding to August 29, coinciding with the regular student attendance for the year The new academic year 2022-2023, and continues until next September 2. students have to take the exam in only 5 days, and more than one exam is held on the same day.

The foundation has identified 14 students who must take the postponed re-exams for the academic year 2021-2022, where the tests are used in grades 4 to 12 for students who were absent with an acceptable excuse or had a technical defect in the re-examination. examinations in the “A” subjects, and the student receives a grade The lowest end in the event that the grade obtained is greater than the lower final score for the subject, and a deferred paper re-examination is sought for 4th grade. through realistic school attendance, and the exam is used electronically for grades 5 to 11 through realistic school attendance for all students at general education schools and the special that applies to the ministry’s curriculum.

In its circular issued on the exam dates, and “Al-Bayan” obtained a copy of it, the institution confirmed that all exams are applied centrally, including Islamic education and social studies for grades 5 to 11, and monitoring and accreditation is centrally done automatically, while 12 .class students who are enrolled in the schools go on. The special measures that applied to the Ministry’s curriculum in the examination boards in primary schools for all subjects emphasize the need to bring their computers to school during the examination period and students must adhere to the official uniform.


The institution fixed the total period for the exam at two hours, explaining that the question paragraphs are not time-limited and students are allowed to return to the question before handing in the exam paper, and the student must leave the exam hall after 1 p.m. hour from the start of the exam and there is no alternative exam to a deferred exam for re-examination and it also includes a deferred exam Repeat 3rd semester lessons. According to the timetable set by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, students in the 12 general, advanced and elite tracks begin their exams in physics and social studies, while the applied track begins with exams in applied science and social studies.



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