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PRNEWS.IO Launches To Use Big Data to Communicate Brands Stories

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The technical equipment offered by martech and PR-tech international startups for digital communications is already helping to achieve their goals.

Using big data to automate PR communications, firms from the UAE are already saving tens of thousands of Dirhams annually. Mostly due to predictable results, no media planning fees, and no specialised agencies.

As the global startup landscape continues to grow, the battle for attention in the media space continues to grow. And traditional businesses are no exception to this.

These entrepreneurs understand the power of publicity to gain a competitive advantage, and the challenge is finding a communications agency willing to implement the task with an adequate return on investment.

This has served to give birth to PRNEWS.IO, an online platform based on the mission of using big data to predictably communicate a brand to people through stories in the media.

“Most business owners are savvy enough to understand how PR benefits their business,” said platform founder Alexander Storozhuk.

“Regular media mentions build social proof. It also fuels customer interest, shifting them toward deciding to partner with a brand in some form.”

Storozhuk has worked in news technology for 16 years. As a student, he worked as a content manager for NewsKnowledge, a Swiss company that collects news from 15,000 news sources around the world. He realised that there is a correlation between how news is distributed and processed and the overall success of companies that know how to handle it. That’s how he discovered the field of public relations content distribution.

His new company, PRNEWS, processes several terabytes of data about news site audiences, in real time, to help brands find online publications that best fit their goals. The platform’s business model creates a win-win situation: brands sponsor press coverage on publisher terms, which draws more attention to them; while media publishers are rewarded for publishing quality content that interests users.

The assurance of a sustainable system is ensured by low cost, without sacrificing constant innovation.

“Traditional PR agencies are inefficient at collecting and processing big data. They waste a lot of time and resources that are passed on to the client,” said Storozhuk. – “Sustainability is in the DNA of our project. We save time and resources by favoring innovation over manual work.”

This approach effectively eliminates middlemen. But Storozhuk stresses that “platform technology simplifies the process, not replaces it.” PRNEWS.IO still has communications specialists who “come up with and prepare creative for clients.”

The company now has more than 30 employees, including developers and big data specialists. The company continues to expand to meet growing demand from startups that lack help with communication tasks.


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