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‘Progress in the Construction of a New Interactive Installation in Jeddah’

by Dubaiforum

Construction of the new teamLab Borderless site in Jeddah, the first-ever in the Middle East, is well underway. The museum will showcase more than 50 experiential artworks created by teamLab using digital technology, covering around 10,000 square meters of gross floor area. The upcoming museum, situated in Jeddah’s historic district on the shores of Arbaeen Lagoon, is steadily progressing towards completion.

teamLab Borderless is known for breaking boundaries and merging artworks to create a seamless space where the pieces interact with each other. The original teamLab Borderless in Tokyo attracted over 2.3 million visitors annually, setting a world record. Recently, the Tokyo location was relocated to Azabudai Hills complex.

According to teamLab founder Toshiyuki Inoko, the aim is to create an immersive art experience that intertwines with the physical body and grows infinitely. The Middle East’s first teamLab Borderless in Jeddah aligns with Saudi Arabia’s initiative to invest in attractions and entertainment as a means to diversify the economy and decrease reliance on oil.

Additionally, the new teamLab Phenomena in Abu Dhabi is nearly 70 percent complete according to Jonathan Brown, chief portfolio officer of Miral. This new cultural attraction aims to offer an educational and interactive experience that adds to the diverse entertainment portfolio in Abu Dhabi and attracts visitors from around the world.

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