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‘Rabdan Academy introduces ‘Together We Thrive’ program’

by Dubaiforum

Rabdan Academy in Abu Dhabi has launched the “Together We Thrive” program aimed at promoting societal development and enhancing community engagement. The academy’s Social Responsibility Strategy for 2024 covers various key areas such as education, security, safety, community care, health and wellness, sports promotion, cultural enrichment, tourism encouragement, and environmental preservation.

Highlighting the unique and innovative approach of uniting specialized sectors to bolster community security, Hasan Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Director of the Corporate Communications Office at Rabdan Academy, emphasized the pivotal role of community institutions in achieving comprehensive economic, social, and political security.

Through workshops, awareness sessions, and seminars facilitated by knowledgeable faculty members, Rabdan Academy intends to empower youth and the community through educational initiatives. These initiatives also focus on promoting positive behavior, combating negative societal phenomena, and fostering intellectual development among the youth.

In a recent community involvement initiative, Rabdan Academy collaborated with the Paediatric Oncology Department at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City to engage students and faculty in sharing stories, presenting gifts, and books to children undergoing therapy. This initiative not only demonstrates the academy’s commitment to social responsibility but also contributes to raising awareness of health issues and disease prevention.

Looking ahead, Rabdan Academy aims to develop future leaders by offering a summer camp with educational seminars and activities to enhance students’ knowledge and skills. The academy will utilize its official website and social media platforms to announce free seminars open to the public, providing a platform for community engagement and learning opportunities.

Overall, Rabdan Academy’s “Together We Thrive” program showcases a proactive approach to societal development and community well-being, reflecting its commitment to creating a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.

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